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Dr. Akwasi Minta is the pioneer behind two of the most widely used and successful ion indicator dyes: Fluo and Fura. Today, Dr. Minta continues his groundbreaking research and development as Lead Chemist of Ion Indicators.

Akwasi received his PhD in Chemistry from Christ College (University of Cambridge UK). He was a member of 2008 Nobel Laureate Roger Tsien's team at University of California Berkeley from 1982 to 1988 that developed the first commercially-available fluorescent indicators. He is the co-inventor of FLUO, RHOD, SBFI, and caged calcium dyes.

Throughout his career, Dr. Minta has dedicated his work toward improving the tools available for other researchers. His early work led to the creation of Fluo, still one of the leading ion indicators on the market to this day. Through continuous modification and testing, Dr. Minta created Fura, a new compound that is even more resistant to leakage.

In 1992, Dr. Minta founded TEFLabs (short for Texas Fluorescence Laboratories) to continue in his pursuit of better research tools. At TEFLabs, he has developed leakage-resistant and near membrane versions of FURA-2 and INDO-1 including FURA-PE3 and FFP18.

Dr. Minta has devoted his career to the design and optimization of fluorescent ion probes, and that quest has produced the Asante family of next generation ion indicators.