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Ion Indicators is committed to providing scientists worldwide with high quality materials to support and advance their work.

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About ION Biosciences

ION Biosciences works closely with research colleges and organizations around the country to create better research tools that empower better research results.
Quality & Purity of Products

We strive to consistently provide pure, high quality indicators for you. Our indicators are at least 95% pure by HPLC analysis.

Renowned Scientific Expertise

Our team has 40+ years of combined experience and continues to deliver products to propel researchers to answers.

Direct Sales & Shipping

We allow you to work directly with our experts, rather than going through a distributor, and our direct shipping can reduce your overall cost.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our direct sales model enables us to build strong relationships with you, if you need anything we are here to help support your research.

Our products are currently employed by scientists, universities, and laboratories for research for all applications.

We are looking forward to supporting your research.

Our team is ready and willing to answer questions, troubleshoot, and verify inventory availability. Send us an email today to get started.